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Accurately & Quick X-Rays

woman getting xrays in a digital x-ray machineDental x-rays help your dentist accurately diagnose dental problems so they can be treated before they become a more serious issue. X-rays can also be used to monitor your oral health through the years, giving us a look at your mouth that we cannot see with a simple visual examination.

At Bradley M. Silber, DDS & Associates, we use the most up-to-date technology, including digital x-rays, offering you many benefits. Digital radiography uses sensors instead of using traditional photographic film and this new technology helps to reduce your exposure to radiation significantly, which may leave you feeling relieved when you need x-rays.

Additional Benefits

Another benefit of digital x-rays is that they can be sent quickly to a computer, allowing the x-rays to be viewed immediately. This allows your dentist to deal with any potential problems faster, reducing your wait time and perhaps the need for more visits in the future. With today’s technology, digital x-rays can be easily enlarged, refined, or enhanced without the need to do more films.

Instead of simply being filed in a folder and placed in a storeroom, digital dental x-rays are stored digitally on computers. This makes them easy to find whenever a patient needs them. If you need to have your x-rays sent to another doctor or to insurance companies, the x-rays can simply be sent electronically. Patients who no longer use our office, such as after a move, who still need access to their x-rays can get them days sooner rather than having them ordered in from an off-site storage facility. Our dental office can also copy or print out your digital x-ray images for your convenience.

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We Offer the Best for Our Patients

At Bradley M. Silber, DDS & Associates, we focus on your comfort, convenience, and offering you the best possible care, which is why we choose to use digital x-rays. Not only will they improve your experience in our office, they also offer an environmentally friendly choice that helps reduce the environmental impact of our office.