Dental Veneers

What are Veneers?

dental veneers illustrationIf you have stained, chipped, or uneven teeth, you have options to get back to smiling with confidence. One of those is veneers. Veneers are thin shells that are custom-made for your teeth. Your dentist will apply them to the front of your mouth to improve the appearance of your smile.

If you want a long-term solution for crooked, stained, or uneven teeth, these dental devices could be right for you. Although there are other options to getting a straight, white smile like braces and teeth whitening, veneers may be the right for you. Contact us for a consultation today!

How are Veneers Put On?

Before applying your veneers, your dentist will match them to the color and shape of your teeth so they look as natural as possible.

Veneers are stuck on, so there’s no removing them once your dentist puts them in place. Your dentist will remove your enamel to stick them on, but might not have to for certain kinds. With or without removing enamel, your dentist will take impressions to ensure your veneers fit you and last as long as they can.

Even better news you don’t need to stop enjoying your favorite foods or beverages after your veneers are applied! However, your veneers can stain easier than your normal teeth, so limiting or avoid foods that stain teeth like coffee, tea, and red wine is advised. Also, to preserve your veneers as long as possible, now’s a great time to stop biting your nails and grinding your teeth! Plus, you can still develop cavities, so keeping up with your brushing and flossing is a must!

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The dentists at Bradley M. Silber, DDS & Associates will be more than happy to discuss your options with you when you have your consultation. If you want to improve your smile’s appearance and are looking for options, contact us today for a consultation.